Community Landscaping and Destination Gardens

VISION 2025 Gardens Working Group

Providing extensive community landscaping, community gardens, and destination gardens not only enhances the “quality of place” but also can be a draw for tourism.  With this thought in mind, this group identified existing assets for which additional signage and connectivity to other sites could be added.  The group also brainstormed the following ways to enhance future efforts:

Year One (2013/2014):

  • Green Thumbs/Seed Libraries
  • Partnership with Local Garden Clubs for a summer competition for containers, special beds, etc.
  • Logo development
  • Children’s Forest (first phases but would continue into Year 2) – clean up and picnic tables
  • Arboretum at the Clifton Forge School of the Arts, The Garden at Clifton Forge School of the Arts

Year Two (2014/2015):

  • Children’s Forest (second phases from Year 1) – event featuring frisbees or geocaching
  • Site in Selma at Oakland Church
  • Arboretum in Partnership with DSLCC
  • Demonstration Gardens at DSLCC
  • Partnership with hospital for medicinal gardens
  • Ergonomic gardening site, possible in partnership with the YMCA
  • Other demonstration or enhancement sites:  Humpback Bridge
  • Community Gardens:  Rosedale (Liberty Garden model)

Future Years:

  • Children’s Forest 50-year celebration in 2022

Look ahead for opportunities to be part of a “gardening” weekend, in which you and your friends or family can spend a relaxing weekend in the Alleghany Highlands participating in the development of one of the area attractions while also enjoying hikes, meals, and accommodations at one of the bed and breakfasts, hotels, or Douthat State Park.