Economic Transformation

The Alleghany Foundation seeks proposals that harness our region’s strengths to develop a vibrant, diverse and higher-wage economy that can compete in the global marketplace. ¬†Successful applicants will demonstrate meaningful ways to accomplish the following:

  • Leverage the region’s natural resource and historic heritage base.
  • Foster innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Connect to regional and state strategies and resources.
  • Develop a full continuum of business development services for retention, expansion, and recruitment, focusing on developing “niche” sectors in retail and manufacturing.
  • Strategically market the community.
  • Purposefully link to the region’s workforce development programs.

The foundation looks to make grants to organizations that can build on existing assets of the region in a way that helps create sustainable economic growth.  At this time, a key community strategy of interest to the Foundation is VISION 2025.