Application Process


The Alleghany Foundation accepts electronic grant applications year-round.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please review the Application Guidelines before completing the Foundation’s electronic application. View our Online Application Tutorial for help as you begin the grant application process.

Once an application is submitted, you will receive an email acknowledging that the application has been received.

FAQ: Can I submit a paper application?

No. Applications are only accepted when submitted through the on-line system accessed through this website. In setting up this system, the intent is to provide an easier mechanism for providing different documents an applicant already has in an electronic format and for record-keeping over time. It reduces the amount of paper an applicant must produce and simplifies the editing process. The Foundation also finds that this system assists with distributing information for review.

During Review

When the Foundation receives an application, it is initially reviewed by Foundation staff to determine whether it conforms to the grant guidelines and whether it appears to contain adequate information. In some cases, staff may request additional information. Submitted applications become the property of The Alleghany Foundation.

All communications with the Foundation should be directed to the Executive Director or Foundation staff. Applicants are discouraged from contacting individual Directors, either before or after a grant application has been made and acted upon. In some cases, the Directors may ask for additional information or for a site visit.


Decisions about awards are communicated by email or in writing within three months of the time the application is submitted.

Almost every application the Foundation receives is meritorious. Because of the number of such requests, the Foundation must pick and choose; therefore, many worthy requests must be declined. In some cases, requests may be declined because of timing, and applicants should not be discouraged from future requests. And, in any event, applicants should understand that rejection of a proposal is not a rejection of the proposer.