Online Application Tutorial

Registration and Log-In Information

New users must first register by clicking “Create New Account” on the Log-in page. Returning users, log on to the system using your e-mail address and the password. Please do not create a second, new user account. There is a system prompt to assist if you need a password reminder. Please click here to apply.

The Registration Process

The registration process is used to set up an organization’s account the first time one applies. It has four sections:

  1. Organization information
  2. Individual user information
  3. Executive officer information
  4. Choosing your individual user password

The registration process is straightforward; however, in some cases, it may be more complex when certain factors apply:

  • Each individual user is linked to a single organization. If you are submitting applications for different organizations, you will need to register separately using a different email address for each organization. For example, you are part-time staff at both Organization A and Organization B. In order to submit an application for both Organizations A and B, you will need to register using one email address for the application from Organization A, and you will need to register using another email address for the application from Organization B.

During the registration process, you cannot save partial information; therefore, you should gather all required information before beginning the registration process. Your user account ID is your e-mail address.

Updating Your Registration Information

To update your user information, click on your name at the top right corner of the screen and select “Edit Profile” from the drop-down menu. To update your organizations or chief executive officer’s information contact The Alleghany Foundation office at 540-962-0970, or email:

The Application Page

After you have registered you will be directed to the Application Page. On the left side of the screen you will see “Request” and two options underneath:

  • Dashboard – (Application Status Page) this screen is your homepage where you can check the status of your applications. This page will display the form you just completed, the status of the form, and the next form in the process
  • Apply – (Application Page) this screen lists the available grants and is the portal to apply.

You may choose to bookmark the log in website address.

Navigating the Online Grant Management System

Apply for a grant by clicking “Apply” in the menu at the left side of the screen. Manage your grant application by clicking “Dashboard” in the menu at the left side of the screen. The Application Status Page provides information regarding the status of open grant applications. From this page, you can download completed application forms and see the status of an application form you have submitted. If you have saved but not submitted an application form, you must access the form on this page to complete and submit the form. Manage your awarded grants by clicking “Dashboard” in the menu at the left side of the screen. The Application Status Page provides information regarding awarded grants. From this page, you can see whether or not a grant has been awarded and complete required follow-up forms for awarded grants. The term “follow-up” describes an upcoming or pending event such as a quarterly status report that is due.

Uploading Files

In general, the acceptable file types for uploading files are: Microsoft Word/Excel and Adobe PDF (PDF) files. Only one file can be uploaded per question. Multiple documents must be combined into one file and then uploaded. If the document(s) that need to be attached to your form are not electronic or you need to combine multiple documents into a single file, our online system gives you the option to “Fax to File.” The easy-to-use tool will convert documents from hard copy to digital format as a PDF file.

  1. Click “Fax to File” in the menu at the left side of the screen and read the instructions.
  2. Select “Request a Fax #”; a toll-free number will appear on the page.
  3. Load a document, or multiple documents that need to be consolidated into one file, into your fax machine.
  4. Dial the toll-free number. Send a separate fax for each individual file you wish to create. 5. Select “Finished Faxing” when you are done and to see your list of files.