Grants Awarded

Total Grants Awarded Since Inception (June 1995): $64,782,967

Alleghany County

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Sharon Volunteer Fire Department – 4 x 4 Type II Ambulance (First Responder)11/19/1998$54,900
Police Communications04/28/1999$137,766
Falling Spring Rescue Squad – Rope Rescue Project11/30/1999$5,236
Falling Spring Fire Department – Fire Fighting Equipment04/27/2000$39,465
Ball Field Lights at Alleghany High Schools (for Parks & Rec. Department)04/27/2000$49,269
Boiling Spring Fire Department – Equipment11/15/2000$67,244
Tire Amnesty Day 11/04/2003 $10,500
Sheriff’s Department – Project Lifesaver05/11/2004 $7,598
Clifton Forge Little League Field Improvements 05/18/2005 $22,990
I-64 Improvements05/18/2005 $8,000
Sheriff’s Department – Video Cameras for Patrol Vehicles05/03/2006$97,498
Technology (Broadband, Website, GIS)11/07/2006$34,500
Gateway Expansion West – Phase II Funding11/07/2006$9,569
Two Tire Amnesty Days11/07/2006$36,543
Winterberry Avenue – East Gateway05/02/2007$122,784
Jackson River Scenic Trail – Phase I05/02/2007$94,000
Regional Commerce Park05/02/2007$39,500
Regional Commerce Center Master Plan – Phase I11/06/2008$192,000
Financial Support for Consolidation Discussions05/06/2009$39,092
Two Annual Tire Amnesty Days05/06/2009$52,500
Jackson River Scenic Trail – Phase I05/06/2009$350,000
Geographical Information System Update (GIS)11/04/2009$34,900
Jackson River Scenic Trail – Phase II11/04/2009$148,329
In-car Cameras for the Sheriff’s Department05/03/2011$70,648
Regional Tire Amnesty Grant10/23/2012$27,962
Local Participation in RVARC Learning Trip08/27/2013$1,500
Tire Amnesty11/05/2014$26,541
VISION 2025 Real Estate, Utilities & Marketing01/08/2015$56,088
JRTC Welding Lab Upgrade & Enhancement11/09/2015$219,440
Low Moor Natural Gas Feasibility Study03/21/2017$14,391
Alleghany Fire & Rescue Association Structural Firefighting Clothing08/06/2018$49,106
Alleghany County (on behalf of Alleghany County United Fire and Rescue Association)
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Air Compressors and Breathing Apparatuses04/28/1998$143,141
Six Thermal Imaging Cameras04/27/2000$101,588
Fire Safety Training Trailer05/03/2006$50,000
Firefighting Uniforms11/07/2006$208,320
Thermal Imaging Cameras11/06/2008$66,000
Structural Firefighting Clothing (Turnout Gear)5/14/2013$76,323
12-Lead Transmission Project11/6/2013$97,350
Alleghany County Public Safety Self Contained Breathing Apparatus9/15/2023$276,749
Alleghany County Public Schools

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Career Education Technology Project (Lab Computers)11/23/1996$115,104
Dental Program11/23/1996$384,644
Vital Instructional Tool Project – Computers11/18/1997$577,410
Lightspan Project04/28/1999$63,064
Outdoor Recreational Facility at New Schools04/27/2000$885,140
Infrastructure and Equipment at New Schools04/27/2000$788,000
Falling Spring Elementary PTO – Playground Equipment11/15/2000$9,896
Sharon Elementary PTO – Playground Equipment04/24/2001$6,251
Technology Equipment for the New Schools05/08/2001$899,635
Callaghan Elementary PTO – Playground Equipment05/15/2002$10,000
Mountain View Elementary PTO – Playground Equipment05/15/2002$30,000
Boiling Spring Elementary PTO – Playground Equipment05/06/2003$25,000
Teacher Recruitment Initiative05/11/2004$25,950
Teacher Recruitment Initiative Phase II05/03/2006$68,804
Walking Track at Falling Spring Elementary School05/03/2006$14,750
CMS Recreational Facility05/02/2007$153,538
Educational Exploration and Research Working Group06/20/2014$2,350
Alleghany High School – A New Tech Network School05/15/2018$282,410
Joint School Consolidation Implementation Planning03/05/2021$100,000
Alleghany Health District
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Baby-Think-It-Over Program11/19/1998$20,174
Continued Support of the Dental Program05/06/2003$18,656
Salaries and Equipment for Full-time Dentist and Full-time Dental Assistant and Equipment11/16/2004$176,248
Chronic Disease Prevention11/16/2004$169,234
Chronic Disease Prevention Project Continuation11/06/2007$64,194
Alleghany Highlands Arts & Crafts Center

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Elevator to Second Floor11/30/1999$70,490
Building Renovation11/12/2002$329,963
Building Renovations11/09/2005$14,823
Technology Upgrades05/02/2007$10,245
Matching Funds, Residency, Gallery Lighting, Marketing05/06/2009$34,230
Matching Funds, Residency, Marketing05/04/2010$32,068
Fundraising and Marketing05/03/2011$31,775
Matching Funds, Website, Software, Workshop05/15/2012$27,196
Matching Funds, Signage, and Improved Marketing05/14/2013$36,759
Primary Guide Sign on I-6411/06/2013$5,496
Matching Funds, DVD Equipment & Mulligan Exhibit0507/2014$37,090
Computer & Software Upgrades11/05/2014$10,473
Fundraising Match11/06/2015$77,252
Fundraising Match01/19/2018$35,000
Generating Incentives – A Fund Raising Match11/15/2018$35,000
Fundraising Match11/8/2019$35,000
Facility Renovations 202007/27/2020$16,818
Fundraising Match11/05/2020$40,000
Matching General Operating Support11/05/2021$44,764
Promoting Visual Arts Matching Funds11/04/2022$44,550
2023 Summer Intern04/05/2023$4,900
Matching Funds – Learning Art by Way of Experiencing01/26/2024$45,000
2024 Summer Intern03/18/2024$5,620
Alleghany Highlands Arts Council

Project DescriptionDateAmount
$ for $ Operational Match and Season’s Residency11/23/1996$34,000
Matching Funds for Contributed Income and Artist in Residence11/18/1997$7,765
$ for $ Match and Artist in Residence04/27/2000$68,270
$ for $ Match and Artist in Residence04/24/2001$42,695
Provide Matching Funds, Artist Residency Program, Underwrite Shiniest Rock05/15/2002$111,263
Matching Funds for Contributed Income and Artist in Residence05/06/2003$88,340
Matching Funds for Contributed Income and Artist in Residence05/11/2004$77,553
$ for $ Match and Artist in Residence05/18/2005$68,527
Matching Funds and Artist Residency05/03/2006$67,515
$ for $ Match and Artist Residency05/02/2007$91,140
Venue Study11/06/2007$30,000
Matching Funds & Artist Residency05/06/2008$143,440
Matching Funds & Artist Residency05/27/2009$48,052
Technology Upgrade/Data Technician11/04/2009$31,472
Matching Funds and Artist Residency Program11/15/2011$17,250
Artist Residency Activities and Matching Funds05/15/2012$95,661
Matching Funds and Performing Arts Programming05/14/2013$62,228
$ for $ Matching and Artist Residency05/07/2014$84,159
Matching Funds & Residency Activities 2015-1605/07/2015$96,401
Matching Funds & Residency Activities 2016-1705/06/2016$90,323
Matching Funds & Residency Activities 2017-1806/13/2017$54,250
Matching Funds & Residency Activities 2018-1905/11/2018$70,000
Matching Funds & Residency Activities 2019-2005/10/2019$74,080
2020 Navigating the New Normal07/27/2020$65,150
Organizational & Programming Support for 2022-2309/09/2022$129,715
Performing Arts & Community Enrichment 2023-202403/13/2023$130,000
Redefining Relevance 2024-202503/08/2024$130,000
Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Tourism

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Legal Counsel for Citizens Committee03/16/2010$30,000
Tourism Marketing Plan05/18/2010$325,000
Legal Expenses for Citizens Committee – continued10/06/2010$90,000
Visitor Center for the Alleghany Highlands03/16/2011$310,050
Legal Expenses for Citizens Committee – continued #305/03/2011$15,000
Development of Strategies to Enhance Tourism Assets05/03/2011$25,000
Community Education05/03/2011$31,309
ACV Artisan Trail Network11/15/2011$25,730
Alleghany Blueway Initiative05/15/2012$263,250
Gateway Entrance & Interstate Attraction Signs in Alleghany Highlands 11/14/2012 $182,252
Regional Visitors Guide, Music Trail, Advertising & Marketing05/14/2013$89,510
Downtown Tourism Initiative05/14/2013$123,450
Host Two Fishing Events in Alleghany Highlands in 201405/14/2013$14,304
Local Participation in RVARC Learning Trip08/27/2013$815
Phase I Enhancements at Falling Spring Falls Wayside Park11/06/2013$67,700
Marketing the Alleghany Highlands 2014-201611/06/2013$399,992
VISION 2025 Branding Logos02/20/2014$6,350
Phase II Regional Wayfinding System05/07/2014$255,237
VISION 2025 Gardens Working Group07/18/2014$4,645
Recruitment, Retention & Promotion for the Alleghany Highlands11/05/2014$41,793
Create/Update Design Guidelines for the Downtowns of the Alleghany Highlands05/08/2015$40,248
Enhancing Historic Tourism Assets in the Alleghany Highlands05/08/2015$24,648
VISION 2025 Gardens & Industrial Heritage Summer Intern 06/05/2015$3,500
Operational Funds & Program Support11/06/2015$434,759
Marketing the Alleghany Highlands 2018-202003/13/2018$144,000
Agents of Discovery06/22/2018$5,000
2019 Summer Internship04/25/2019$3,773
Tourism Marketing of the Alleghany Highlands01/24/20$225,000
COVID-19 Disaster Assistance Fund04/07/20$25,000
Live Here Work Anywhere Campaign11/05/2020$59,960
VISION 2025 – Gardens Working Group (continued)12/10/2020$5,355
Operational Funds & Program Support 2021-202406/07/2021$434,700
Incentives for Relocation Campaign06/09/2021$30,000
Tourism Marketing of the Alleghany Highlands 2023-202501/26/2023$300,000
Alleghany Highlands Community Services Board

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Help Establish an Adult Center11/04/2003$30,755
Handicap Accessible Bus, Hospital Bed, Wheelchair, Arm Chairs11/04/2009$47,877
Restoration of the Moody Building11/05/2014$140,107
Friendship Residence Renovations09/13/2019$12,500
Adult Drug Treatment Program06/08/2021$44,330
Moody Building Roof Replacement Project07/27/2021$234,165
RISE 22 Conference04/11/2022$17,840
Alleghany Highlands Drug Task Force
Project DescriptionDate   Amount    
Equipment Purchase05/04/2010$39,291
Equipment Purchase05/03/2011$34,162
GPS Tracker11/15/2011$5,668
Purchase of Surveillance Equipment11/14/2012$12,493
Equipment Purchase05/14/2013$14,504
Video Equipment05/07/2014$41,180
Knock Knock05/08/2015$14,364
If You Cook It, We Will Come05/08/2015$33,415
Alleghany Highlands Economic Development Authority
Project DescriptionDateAmount 
LKM Industries09/15/1998$500,000
Alleghany Highlands Economic Development Corporation

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Business Incubator Feasibility Study and Marketing Materials11/04/2003$15,000
Alleghany Highlands Cluster/Target Industry Analysis11/07/2006$22,500
Natural Gas Delivery to the Commerce Park11/07/2006$44,859
Executive Directory Salary11/06/2007$251,289
Economic Development Initiatives Package11/06/2008$398,497
Executive Director Salary05/04/2010$258,769
Incentive Funds – Wholesale Tire Relocation07/24/2010$137,500
Executive Director Salary09/17/2013$44,750
2014 Summer Internship for VISION 202505/07/2014$2,000
VISION 2025 – Webstore & Small Business Working Group07/18/2014$6,640
Strategic Development05/12/2015$31,253
Economic & Community Development05/12/2015$304,038
Summer Intern for VISION 2025 Webstore Working Group06/05/2015$3,500
Physician Recruitment through Medical School Loan Assistance10/26/2016$450,000
Executive Director & Project Support Positions11/10/2017$328,869
The Innovation Mill – Alleghany Highlands Entrepreneurial Ecosystem01/28/2019$28,500
Alleghany Highlands Genealogical Society

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Office Equipment04/28/1999$45,000
Challenge Grant to Purchase Archival Materials, Technology & Equipment Upgrades10/23/20102$24,000
Alleghany Highlands Public Schools

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Joint School Communications Specialist07/06/2021$313,543
Healthier Options for Kids Food Service Enhancements6/9/2023$13,033
Alleghany Highlands Regional Library (formerly Charles P. Jones Library)

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Library Expansion Assistance05/01/1997 $76,500
Renovation/Expansion of Library04/27/2000$750,000
Multimedia Presentation Technology05/18/2005$7,265
Computer Updates0503/2006$9,821
Replace Computers and Equipment11/06/2007$8,979
Replace Computer Equipment and Software05/04/2010$6,500
Technology Upgrades, Software, Multimedia Equipment, & Online Subscription for Grant Research10/23/2012$30,390
Technology Upgrades & Improvements05/08/2015$13,003
Computer Learning Lab11/06/2015$56,426
Building Maintenance Upgrades03/22/2017$30,000
Alleghany Highlands Trail Club
Project DescriptionDateAmount
2023 Alleghany Highlands Trail Clearing Project07/25/2023$30,650
Alleghany Highlands YMCA

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Van, Wellness Kids Gym11/23/1996$89,199
Fitness Recovery Program11/30/1999$125,929
Daycare and After School Care and Vans04/27/2000$101,322
Pool Repairs and Aquatic Equipment11/15/2000$64,471
Daycare and After School Care04/24/2001$30,000
New Facility Preliminary Work11/28/2001$61,300
Move Equipment from Armory11/28/2001$10,000
Daycare, After School Care and Equipment in School11/12/2002$50,550
Daycare and After School Care and Van05/06/2003$67,301
New Facility Construction05/11/2004$1,100,000
Daycare and After School Care05/11/2004$30,000
New Facility Walking Track05/18/2005$395,000
Daycare and After School Care05/18/2005$30,000
Day Care and After School Care05/03/2006$30,000
New Facility Additional Funding05/03/2006$1,600,000
Day Care and After School Care05/02/2007 $50,000
Equipment, Furniture, and Fixtures11/06/2007$600,000
Day Care & After School Care05/06/2008$50,000
Mini Bus for Preschool Program11/06/2008$53,500
Capital Project Debt05/06/2009$300,000
Childcare Scholarship Fund05/06/2009$62,500
After Prom Party11/04/2009$5,000
Jeter Watson Renovations01/05/2010$165,000
Capital Campaign Debt Reduction05/04/2010$1,100,000
Childcare Program05/04/2010$75,000
Leadership and Civility Classes05/04/2010$6,800
After Prom Party11/09/2010$5,000
Remaining Costs of Jeter Watson Renovations11/09/2010$141,000
Scholarship Funds & Kitchen Renovation Contingency05/03/2011$122,000
Leadership and Civility Classes05/03/2011$6,786
After Prom Party11/15/2011$5,000
Central Child Care Center Security System11/15/2011$9,846
Health and Wellness for Chronic Conditions (Theracycle)11/15/2011$5,895
Retire the Capital Construction Debt, Pool & Spa Equipment05/05/2012$286,160
Virginia Preschool Initiative and Child Care05/15/2012$140,400
Leadership and Civility Classes05/15/2012$22,578
Technology Upgrades, Security Equipment for the Childcare Center, after school program, wellness facility, and staff11/14/2012$79,954
After Prom Events (for two years)11/14/2012$12,714
Sustaining Campaign Match11/14/2012$25,000
Matching Funds for Playground Equipment05/14/2013$50,000
Diabetes Prevention Program Development05/14/2013$23,016
Virginia Preschool Initiative and Child Care Scholarships05/14/2013$170,000
Energy Study11/06/2013$10,000
214 Annual Campaign Match11/06/2013$23,222
Paid and Volunteer Staff Training and Educational Attainment11/06/2013$14,278
Leadership and Civility Classes05/07/2014$22,067
Child Care Programs 05/07/2014$230,876
After Prom Events 11/05/2014$13,000
2015 Annual Campaign Match11/05/2014$50,000
YMCA Early Learning Program05/08/2015$239,687
YMCA Energy Study Implementation07/14/2015$138,051
2016 Annual Campaign Match11/06/2015$47,223
Alleghany Highlands YMCA Early Learning Program05/06/2016$204,472
Annual Campaign Match03/22/2017$40,000
Early Learning Program06/15/2017$226,000
2018 Annual Campaign Match11/10/2017$46,005
Early Learning Program Financial Assistance05/11/2018$156,000
Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program 2018/201908/06/2018$18,840
2019 Annual Campaign Match11/15/2018$50,000
Early Learning Program Financial Assistance05/10/2019$192,192
STREAMin3 Implementation07/18/2019$191,999
2020 Annual Campaign Match01/24/20$50,000
Early Learning Program Financial Assistance07/24/2020$144,807
2020-2022 Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program07/24/2020$38,953
2021 Annual Campaign Match11/05/2020$50,000
YMCA Learning Centers Transportation11/05/2020$106,811
Emergency COVID Relief01/29/2021$229,641
Early Learning Financial Assistance09/13/2021$191,852
2022 Annual Campaign Match & Fitness Pilot03/11/2022$71,191
Pool Dehumidification & Building Automation System03/11/2022$264,100
Early Learning Financial Assistance 2022-2309/09/2022$196,248
Annual Campaign Match 202311/04/2022$50,000
Architectural and Engineering Plan03/13/2023$25,000
Central Learning Center Relocation and Renovations05/05/2023$250,000
2024 Dolly Parton Imagination Library11/03/2023$16,800
2024 Annual Campaign Match11/03/2023$50,000
Alleghany Highlands Youth Soccer Association
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Coach Program, Netting, Day Soccer Clinic05/06/2008$13,485
Alleghany Historical Society

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Restoration of the C&O Passenger Depots in Covington05/15/2002$73,000
Covington Freight Depot Restoration11/06/2007$82,250
Interior Restoration of Freight Depot11/06/2008$65,000
Covington C&O Depot Complex Improvements11/09/2010$21,875
VISION 2025 – Industrial Heritage & Technology Working Group07/18/2014$6,238
Historic Preservation Trust Fund11/05/2014$70,000
Alleghany Highlands Industrial Heritage & Technology Discovery Center11/09/2015$1,205,000
2019 Summer Internship for the Alleghany Highlands Industrial Heritage & Technology Discovery Center05/06/2019$6,160
Alleghany Highlands Industrial Heritage & Technology Discovery Center Renovation Completion03/05/2021$295,195
2022 Summer Interns04/11/2022$12,400
2023 Summer Interns04/14/2023$8,710
Alleghany Humane Society
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Dog Cage Upgrades05/01/1997$5,284
New Facility11/16/2004$840,000
Additional Funding for New Facility05/03/2006$245,000
Supplemental Facility Costs11/06/2007$35,020
Veterinary Services05/06/2009$24,000
Full-time Shelter Manager Position05/03/2011$56,079
Community Spay/Neuter Fund05/08/2015$6,000
Shelter Manager Salary05/08/2015$16,148
Executive Director of Operations and Animal Welfare03/22/2017$9,999

Alleghany Mountain Radio
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Computer Upgrade11/30/1999 $4,000
Equipment Improvements05/15/2002$4,000

American Diabetes Association
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Diabetes Education Program05/01/1997$56,400

American Red Cross (Roanoke Valley Chapter & Jackson River Chapter)

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Building Renovation05/15/2002$17,000
Disaster Preparedness & Relief Efforts11/15/2011$6,500
Community Preparedness & Resilience in Alleghany Highlands 11/05/2014$4,340
Appalfolks of America Association
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Stonewall Theater Renovations04/28/1999$84,000

Art Museum of Western Virginia
Project DescriptionDateAmount
ArtVan Project05/01/1997$2,500
Expanded Art Education Services in Alleghany Highlands Region04/28/1998$21,550
Bath Animal Welfare Foundation
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Thrift Shop/Resource Center Renovations – Phase III05/04/2010$35,909
Spay/Neuter Program05/04/2010$10,498
Medical/Veterinary Expenses05/03/2011$12,495

Bath County
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Development of Millboro Regional Cultural Activity Center11/19/1998$15,000
Skateboard Park11/09/2005$15,000

Bath County Community Hospital

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Bath Community Physicians Group Covington Facility Expansion – Monroe Avenue01/24/2020$100,000
Bath County Health Department
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Computer Infant Simulators “Baby Think It Over”05/02/2007$14,149

Bath County Historical Society

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Publication and Printing of Guide to the Manuscripts the Virginia Highlands04/28/1999$13,000
Renovate the Basement05/18/2005$30,000
Bear Trust International
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Adopt-a-Dumpster Project05/06/2008$6,000
Adopt-a-Dumpster Project05/04/2010$9,780

Blue Ridge Legal Services
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Improving Access to Civil Legal Assistance for Low-income Residents of the Alleghany Highlands05/07/2021$4,500
Improving Access to Civil Legal Assistance for Low-income Residents of the Alleghany Highlands05/06/2022$36,689

Blue Ridge Public Television
Project DescriptionDateAmount
“First Books” for Disadvantaged Children04/28/1999$5,000

Botetourt County
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Matching Grant for Public Access Point Along the James River 11/14/2012$5,000

Botetourt County Public Schools Education Foundation
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Advanced Welding Lab 11/05/2014$75,000

C & O Historical Society

Project DescriptionDateAmount
C & O Railroad Heritage Center06/12/2007$275,000
Signal Tower at Smith Creek Yard06/04/2008$52,000
Replica C & O Passenger Depot 11/04/2009$149,000
Railway Heritage Center – continued11/09/2010$68,000
Restoration of Shenandoah Pullman Sleeper Car05/15/2012$40,773
Shared General Manager for Alleghany Historical Society and C&O Historical Society’s Heritage Center10/23/2012$76,332
Matching Funds of Additional Track at Heritage Center and Smith Creek Yard05/14/2013$39,347
2015 Railway Heritage Center Physical Plant Improvements Initiative02/08/2017$14,226
City of Covington

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Covington Fire Department – Breathing Apparatuses11/18/1997$32,000
Outdoor Recreational Facility11/19/1998$100,000
Covington Fire Department – Thermal Imaging Cameras11/30/1999$31,000
Covington Rescue Squad – Computer04/27/2000$2,489
Covington Fire Department – Apparatus Intercom System11/15/2000$23,550
Jackson River Recreational Complex11/28/2001$642,035
Jackson River Sports Complex Improvements05/18/2005$15,000
Jackson River Sports Complex Theater-in-the-Park11/09/2005$34,000
Municipal Pool and Bath House11/09/2005$527,100
Magic in the Mountains05/03/2006$5,000
Alleghany Avenue Beautification05/03/2006$52,883
Landscape Projects05/06/2008$26,223
Demolition and Removal of Structures05/06/2008$25,900
Financial Support for Consolidation Discussions05/06/2009$38,972
Phase III – Alleghany Avenue Beautification – Landscape05/06/2009$45,887
Covington Fire Department – Hezekiah Restoration05/04/2010$10,000
River’s Edge Skate Park Improvements05/04/2010$30,000
Operation Save-A-Life05/15/2012$34,598
Jackson River Boat Access05/14/2013$150,000
Local Participation in RVARC Learning Trip08/27/2013$815
Restoration of Engine #70111/09/2013$36,000
Jackson River Boat Access at Fort Young Park05/07/2014$61,500
Jackson River Sports Complex Soccer Field Lighting Matching Funds05/11/2015$506,862
Jackson River Sports Complex Paper Trail – Phase 101/28/2019$45,000
Revitalization Property Maintenance Fund for Project Sparkle04/08/2021$100,000
Engineering Study for Consolidated Sports Facilities11/05/2021$134,314
Phase II Architectural Design12/07/2022$178,817
Casey Field/Boodie Albert Stadium Phase III Construction11/03/2023$1,500,000
Clifton Forge Little League
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Restrooms and Concession Stands Linden and Matthews Park11/7/2006$20,259
Phase 3 – ADA Bathroom & Concession at Colonel Dotson Sports Complex05/14/2013$90,000
Final Phase Colonel Tom Dotson Sports Complex Improvements08/27/2014$150,000

Clifton Forge Main Street

Project DescriptionDateAmount
 Street Lighting in Downtown Clifton Forge04/28/1999$347,660
Contract Architect for Streetscape and Beautification04/27/2000$24,362
Fund Phase I of Streetscape Plan11/15/2000$502,600
East Entry Improvements11/04/2003$100,932
“Magic in the Mountains” Festival11/09/2005$5,000
Facade Grant Incentive Project05/06/2008$26,336
Douthat Shuttle Service Pilot Plan05/14/2013$10,448
“Light the Creek” Sensory Trail Winter Lighting11/03/2023$20,000
Clifton Forge Nursery School
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Renovations and Teaching Materials05/15/2002$7,850

Clifton Forge Public Library

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Library Expansion 11/23/1996$219,653
Three Computers with Internet Access11/19/1998$7,630
Integrated Library System05/02/2007$24,146
Compass For Life
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Compass for Life Renovations01/29/2024$60,000
COPE Food Pantry
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Food Pantry Refrigerator/Freezer11/28/2001$499
Food Pantry Donation05/06/2009$5,000
Food Pantry Donation11/09/2010$5,000
Food Pantry Donation05/07/2015$5,000

Cora Incorporated
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Cora Dance Alleghany Staff Capacity Building11/03/2023$75,000
Covington City Public Schools

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Vital Instructional Tool Project04/28/1998$273,296
Walking Facility at Burton Field11/30/1999$120,687
Curfman Hall Planning Study11/12/2002$9,000
Educational Exploration and Research Working Group06/20/2014$2,600
Joint Schools Responsive Classroom Implementation04/11/2017$41,985
2018 Joint Schools Responsive Classroom for Elementary05/11/2018$80,260
Mountain Gateway Community Collage (aka Dabney S. Lancaster Community College)

Project DescriptionDateAmount
21st Century Health Care Equipment04/28/1999$278,560
Virginia Packaging & Materials Research & Development Center Planning Grant05/15/2002$12,000
Amphitheater Planning Grant11/09/2005$16,500
EMS Training Program05/03/2006$69,975
Lab Equipment, Materials for New Multi-Purpose Lab11/06/2007$92,837
Continuation & Expansion of EMS Training Program11/06/2008$142,042
Campus Security Study11/04/2009$2,155
Campus Security Systems Enhancements05/04/2010$11,820
Wind Turbine Technology Program Safety Training Tower11/09/2010$203,743
EMT Training11/15/2011$157,500
Expansion of the Alleghany Nursing Program (over two years)11/14/2012$400,000
Math & Physics Teaching Position at Jackson River Governor’s School05/14/2013$150,000
Continuation and Expansion of EMS Training Program11/06/2013$255,988
Increasing Educational Attainment in the Alleghany Highlands05/07/2014$321,930
Thinking Skills Short Course06/20/2014$11,976
DSLCC Summer Institute for Area Teachers05/11/2015$16,925
DSLCC 2016 Summer Institute for Area Teachers05/06/2016$12,501
Diabetes Education Support Group
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Educational Materials and Computer11/16/2004$21,000
Public Awareness Campaign11/06/2007$20,000
Public Awareness Campaign11/09/2010$6,500

DSLCC Educational Foundation

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Expenses Related to Economic and Fund Raising Events04/29/2013$10,000
DSLCC VISION 2020 Increasing Educational Attainment05/08/2015$1,400,000
Feeding America Southwest Virginia

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Equipment, Truck, and Part-time Driver04/27/2000$38,304
Refrigerated Truck04/24/2001$54,696
New Facility05/18/2005$50,000
Refrigerated Truck11/15/2011$28,000
Garth Newel Music Center

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Allegheny Mountain String Project11/09/2010$9,156
Allegheny Mountain String Project05/15/2012$19,210
Allegheny Mountain String Project05/14/2013$20,048
Allegheny Mountain String Project05/07/2014$23,969
Allegheny Mountain String Project05/08/2015$25,175
Allegheny Mountain String Project05/06/2016$25,000
Allegheny Mountain String Project06/13/2017$22,100
Allegheny Mountain String Project05/11/2018$18,150
Allegheny Mountain String Project07/17/2019$14,648
Allegheny Mountain String Project07/27/2020$11,440
Allegheny Mountain String Project07/27/2021$10,000
Alleghany Mountain String Project09/09/2022$15,064
Allegheny Mountain String Project07/25/2023$19,300
Industrial Development Authority of Covington-Alleghany County, Virginia
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Downtown Revitalization Property Development – Project Sparkle04/12/2021$271,500

Jackson River Enterprises

Project DescriptionDateAmount
New Building11/15/2000$250,000
Two Handicapped Accessible Vans11/28/2001$77,116
Basket Production and Lawn Care Equipment/Supplies05/11/2004$16,666
Vehicles and Building Updates11/09/2005$185,681
Purchase New Baler05/03/2006$83,984
Additional Storage Building & Bobcat11/06/2007$191,962
Purchase Additional Recycling Equipment11/06/2008$60,991
Automated External Defibrillators05/06/2009$3,654
Purchase Various Additional Equipment05/06/2009$23,480
Warehouse Items11/04/2009$2,350
Purchase Fork-truck and Mini Van05/04/2010$48,627
Purchase New Equipment11/09/2010$47,580
New Box Truck & Vehicle Signage05/03/2011$89,679
Relocate Equipment and Optimize JRE Family11/15/2011$150,170
Continue to Optimize JRE Family05/15/2012$177,750
Marketing Manager to Increase Basket Sales11/14/2012$52,875
Full-time Marketing Position11/06/2013$17,162
JRE Growth and Development11/05/2014$171,000
JRE Day Support Initiative & Expanded Community Support11/15/2018$147,117
Jackson River Technical Center

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Educational Technology Center for the Public Schools of the Highlands04/28/1998$411,597
Joint School Systems – Alleghany County & Covington City Public Schools
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Nursing in Schools – Greater Alleghany School Health Project11/23/1996$618,561
Supplemental Nursing Program – Greater Alleghany School Health Project11/18/1997$33,349
Expand the Existing Nursing Program – Greater Alleghany School Health Project11/15/2000$54,062
Continuation of the Nursing Program – Greater Alleghany School Health Project05/15/2002$286,226
Program to Promote Image (in collaboration with JRTC)11/12/2002$12,500
Continuation of the Nursing Program – Greater Alleghany School Health Project05/18/2005$349,946
Merger Study05/3/2006$43,186
Mental Health Initiative11/07/2006$147,695
Continuation of Nursing Program – Greater Alleghany School Health Project05/6/2008$395,509
Mental Health Initiative05/04/2010$259,808
Continuation of Nursing Program – Greater Alleghany School Health Project05/03/2011$546,590
Mental Health Initiative05/14/2013$198,170
Continuation of Nursing Program – Greater Alleghany School Health Project05/07/2014$596,435
Joint School Systems – Pre-service Keynote Speaker 2015-1602/26/2015$9,500
Joint School Systems – SURN Leadership Academy06/04/2015$5,000
Joint School Systems – Instructional Technology Coach06/05/2015$89,068
Joint School Systems – Responsive Classroom Course06/05/2015$20,200
Joint School Systems – Keynote Speaker 2016-201711/10/2015$6,344
Joint School Systems – New Tech Space Utilization Study11/10/2015$25,500

Local Office on Aging

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Services to the Frail Elderly Program04/28/1999$82,424
Two Vans10/30/1999$50,040
Vital Services Transportation Program11/06/2008$10,000
Purchase 15-passenger Van11/04/2009$34,624
Purchase 15-passenger Van05/14/2013$37,395
Mill Mountain Theatre
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Mill Mountain Players to Perform at Schools in Alleghany County11/19/1998$3,750
Continued Funding of Mill Mountain Players10/30/1999$3,750

Mountain Soil & Water Conservation District
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Kim-Stan Landfill Cleanup (Coordinator)04/28/1998$52,000
Kim-Stan Coordinator for Two Years04/27/2000$48,000
Environmental Education Programming11/07/2006$37,685
Environmental Education Programming05/06/2008$29,343
Environmental Education Programming11/04/2009$42,400
Environmental Education Programming05/03/2011$34,000
Karst Education for Alleghany County11/15/2011$8,389
Environmental Education Programming05/15/2012$33,600
Environmental Education Programming05/14/2013$33,464
Growing Healthy Kids05/08/2015$35,858

Mountain View Humane
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Spay & Neuter Cats in Alleghany Highlands11/05/2014$6,008

Olde Town Covington

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Facades Improvements11/04/2009$39,999
Covington Farmers Market11/09/2010$84,000
Farmers Market – continued05/03/2011$35,000
Radford University Foundation
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Radford University Clinical Stipends for ARH05/07/2014$105,000

Rector & Visitors of the University of Virginia
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Collaborative Work to Plan School Development & Change05/18/2015$84,875
High School College Advisers02/15/2021$45,000

Riverside Health Center

(aka Alleghany Highlands Free Clinic)

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Free Clinic04/28/1998$187,200
Administrative and Operational Costs11/15/2000$131,000
Expansion of Pharmacy Services04/24/2001$10,000
Additional Staff, Necessary Equipment, & Pharmaceuticals11/28/2001$15,000
Salaries/Benefits and Diabetic Supply Program11/12/2002$73,800
Pharmacy Program05/11/2004$24,516
Administrative Costs11/16/2004$55,000
Physician Assistant Program11/16/2004$36,350
Pharmacy Services05/18/2005$111,432
Physician Assistant Program11/09/2005$67,620
Administrative Costs11/09/2005$71,256
Administrative Costs11/07/2006$73,800
Physician Assistant Program11/07/2006$73,293
Physician Assistant Salary and Benefits11/06/2007$76,345
Administrative Salary and Benefits11/06/2007$77,430
Pharmacy Services11/06/2007$43,766
Physician Assistant Salary and Benefits11/06/2008$78,635
Pharmacy Services and Related Costs11/06/2008$14,080
Administrative Salary and Benefits11/06/2008$77,430
Physicians Assistant Salary, Benefits, Cost of Medical Services11/04/2009$73,302
Pharmacy Services11/04/2009$14,080
Administrative Salaries, Benefits and Costs11/04/2009$77,430
Physician Assistant Salary and Benefits11/09/2010$78,635
Pharmacy Services11/09/2010$10,498
Administrative Salaries and Benefits11/09/2010$77,430
Physician Assistant11/15/2011$154,860
Pharmacy Services11/15/2011$13,249
Administrative Salaries11/15/2011$157,270
Physician Recruitment Pilot Project and Matching Funds Supporting Primary Care05/14/2013$15,000
Pharmacy Services11/06/2013$16,416
Personnel Expenses11/06/2013$156,060
Essential Staff Salaries11/05/2014$170,725
2015 Summer Intern06/05/2015$3,500
Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Alleghany Highlands Regional Trail Accelerator Plan09/15/2023$30,000
Rockbridge Area Community Services Board
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Improvements to the Residential Group Home in Bath County11/19/1998$3,000
Programming Needs for Bath County Adult Day Activity Program11/30/1999$5,527

Rockbridge Area Hospice
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Advanced Integrated Care01/26/2024$137,720
Safehome Systems
Project DescriptionDateAmount
New Shelter05/01/1997$90,000
Shelter Renovations11/30/1999$9,940
Renovations to Shelter04/24/2001$25,612
Repair Roof05/11/2004$41,011
Replace Guttering11/09/2005$13,608
Technology Grant11/07/2006$18,863
Building Improvements11/06/2008$1,700
Security Systems for Facility05/15/2012$8,328
Architectural Assessment05/14/2013$5,000
Building Improvements05/07/2014$154,260
Building Maintenance Improvements05/06/2022$17,480

Accordion panel content goes here

Science Museum of Western Virginia
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Science 2001 Program in the Schools11/18/1997$64,000

Scott Hill Foundation
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Security Program11/09/2005$29,872

Shenandoah Autism Center
Project DescriptionDateAmount

Southeastern Council of Foundations
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Host Sponsorship for Local Events at 2013 Annual Meeting05/14/2013$5,000

Southwest VA AHEDC
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Youth Volunteers in Partnership Program11/30/1999$12,926
Sustain Youth Volunteer Program11/28/2001$18,000
Continued Support for the Youth Volunteer Program05/11/2004$15,969
Youth Volunteer Program05/02/2007$14,031
Summer Youth Volunteer Program05/06/2009$13,288
Summer Youth Volunteer Program05/03/2011$18,068
Youth VIP Program at LewisGale Alleghany Hospital11/06/2013$5,754

Special Olympics – Area 18

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Sports Equipment, Team Wear and Computers04/24/2001$16,977
Two 15 Passenger Buses05/11/2004$76,375
Purchase 2 DVD Players05/06/2009$1,598
15 Passenger Wheelchair Accessible Bus & Uniforms11/09/2010$58,697
Bus Insurance, GPS Systems, & Uniforms11/05/2014$7,567
Bus Insurance, Uniforms & Equipment07/18/2016$4,525
Insurance for Three Buses07/25/2017$3,716
Bus Insurance and Equipment Storage05/07/2021$7,664
New Bus07/25/2023$126,582
Stonewall Jackson Area Council, Boy Scouts of America (Troop #31)
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Purchase of Storage Trailer11/06/2013$2,800

The Advancement Foundation

Project DescriptionDateAmount
The Alleghany Highlands Gauntlet – 202001/24/2020$60,000
The Alleghany Highlands Gauntlet – 202101/22/2021$46,300
Product Discovery, Development & Scale Initiative05/06/2022$59,551
The Clifton Forge Company – dba The Clifton Forge School of the Arts

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Repairs for the Clifton Forge School of the Arts05/03/2011$86,730
Building Improvement, Educational, Marketing, & Personnel11/06/2013$85,325
Landscaping for Clifton Forge School of the Arts05/07/2014$74,070
Landscape Enhancements for The Clifton Forge School of the Arts05/11/2015$2,927
Clifton Forge School of the Arts Mill Renovation Project07/27/2020$57,402
Clifton Forge School of the Arts Development Activities03/10/2023$47,694
2024 Summer Intern for the Clifton Forge School of the Arts03/18/2024$5,620
The Izaak Walton League of America
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Rebuild Low Moor Rifle Range Shelter11/09/2010$2,626

The Masonic Theatre Preservation Foundation
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Masonic Theatre Rehabilitation Project05/04/2010$750,000
Clifton Forge Amphitheatre Project12/09/2011$150,000
Rehabilitation of the Historic Masonic Theatre11/14/2012$1,650,000
Masonic Theatre Rehabilitation Project03/19/2015$46,301
Operational Support for Remaining Tax Credit Compliance Period & 202211/08/2019$320,000
Matching Funds for COVID-19 Recovery Marketing06/01/2020$8,000
Operational/Relief Funding Under COVID-19 Restrictions07/10/2020$75,000
Staffing Operations02/02/2021$195,500
General Operating Support and Building Maintenance07/22/2022$404,000
Strategic Activities08/17/2022$60,000
Enhancing Operational Efficiency at the Masonic Theatre01/26/2024$40,000

Total Action Against Poverty (TAP)

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Alleghany Highlands Office Renovation05/01/1997$279,778
Project Discovery Van11/28/2001$38,965
Fathers First11/10/2015$40,071
TAP Dental Health Initiative Loan Fund11/20/2015$8,010
Town of Clifton Forge

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Lighting System for Ball Field11/19/1998$96,820
Memorial Field Improvements04/28/1999$39,900
Concession Stand Equipment for Memorial Field11/30/1999$5,778
Fire Apparatus Replacement11/30/1999$110,691
Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program11/15/2000$59,685
Thermal Imaging Camera for Clifton Forge Fire Department05/15/2002$15,000
Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program05/11/2004$85,315
Historic Town Hall Improvements11/09/2005$24,467
Skateboard Park11/09/2005$95,345
Neighborhood Improvement Project Phase III and Phase IV11/07/2006$92,000
Neighborhood Improvement Phase III – continuation05/06/2009$38,000
Neighborhood Improvement Phase III – continuation11/04/2009$100,000
Expand Historic District of Clifton Forge02/17/2011$50,000
Library Digital Enhancements05/03/2011$8,112
Phase I Planning for Smith Creek Corridor11/14/2012$14,500
Lower Roxbury Comprehensive Community Development Project05/14/2013$130,000
Final Design & Construction of Smith Creek Corridor Trail, Segment 311/06/2013$169,966
Library Computer and Software Upgrades11/06/2013$20,210
2014 Summer Internship05/07/2014$2,000
Final Design & Construction of Linden Park Improvements05/07/2014$379,838
Business Park Site Design & Engineering05/07/2014$50,000
VISION 2025 – Corridor Curb Appeal Working Group07/18/2014$10,628
Summer Intern for VISION 2025 Corridor Curb Appeal Working Group06/05/2015$3,500
Evaluating Broadband Opportunities in the Region07/30/15$7,500
Establishing Pad Ready Site(s) for Economic Development12/21/2016$40,000
Lower Roxbury Neighborhood Revitalization Project Phase 201/13/2017$145,000
VISION 2025 – Corridor Curb Appeal Working Group (Continued)12/10/2020$5,372
Clifton Forge LOVE Sculpture03/11/2022$10,000
Clifton Forge Eastern Gateway Renewal05/05/2023$135,500
Stabilizing the Historic Stone House at Mountain View05/05/2023$10,000
Supplemental Revitalization Efforts05/05/2023$65,000
Town of Iron Gate

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Radio to Communicate with Other Local Police Officials04/27/2000$1,352
Playground Fencing and Sidewalks11/15/2000$12,640
Comprehensive Study by Frazier Associates for a Public Improvement Plan05/15/2002$17,689
Town Improvements05/06/2003$74,239
Town Improvements11/07/2006$386,097
Unified Human Services Transportation Systems
Project DescriptionDateAmount
A Vehicle (RADAR) for Alleghany County/Covington/Clifton Forge Area05/01/1997$42,044
Additional Vehicle for 2nd RADAR Route in the Alleghany Highlands05/06/2008$60,000
Mountain Express (RADAR) Expansion05/03/2011$35,000
Local Match for Mountain Express Replacement Vehicles01/19/2018$5,504

Valley Conservation Council

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Dark Sky Summit05/08/2015$4,250
Virginia Community Capital

Project DescriptionDateAmount
Alleghany Highlands Loan Program11/02/2015$299,937
Virginia Hunters Who Care
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Hunters for the Hungry11/06/2008$1,000
Hunters for the Hungry11/15/2011$1,820

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Distance Learning Technology Link ARH to WV School of Osteopathic Medicine11/30/1999$18,725

Western Virginia Emergency Medical Services Council
Project DescriptionDateAmount
Training Equipment & Part-time Employee05/01/1997$13,633
Training Assistance05/15/2002$16,750
Defibrillators Project05/02/2007$112,550