The Alleghany Foundation Announces Receipt of $3 Million Gift from MacKenzie Scott

The Alleghany Foundation is pleased to announce receipt of a generous gift of $3 million from writer and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott.  

“Board members are humbled, grateful and excited by receiving this news,” stated Dr. Susan W. Rollinson, President, The Alleghany Foundation Board of Directors. “There are so many groups around the country performing great work that being recognized in our small, rural community is an affirmation of the ongoing activities supported by The Alleghany Foundation and the efforts of our local organizations and community leaders,” she added.

“In speaking about the foundation’s work over the years,” said Mary Fant Donnan, Executive Director of The Alleghany Foundation, “board and staff members often mention that the real outcomes take place through the day-to-day endeavors of the wonderful staff and volunteers of the non-profit and local government entities supported by foundation grants.  This gift shines light on that excellent work, and it is incredibly exciting to think about ways to build on those efforts with these additional resources.” 

In acknowledging this gift, Rollinson commented that the timing could not have been better.  Coming out of the pandemic and recognizing the ongoing health needs in the community, the foundation’s board was already reflecting on its current work and how to further strengthen strategic goals.  “The board is looking forward to continuing conversations with community members,” Rollinson added. “These resources offer additional, unrestricted support to advance equitable health outcomes and to develop and sustain these ideas and approaches,” she noted.

“The Foundation is grateful to MacKenzie Scott and offers thanks to her for her generosity and her belief in our mission,” said Donnan.  “MacKenzie Scott’s recent announcement highlights her approach of working through existing funds to reach rural or underserved communities and support community-based efforts,” added Donnan.  “Having that vote of confidence and trust inspires each of us to further deepen our work toward a healthy and vital community.” 

About The Alleghany Foundation: The Alleghany Foundation was established in 1995 in Covington, Virginia with $35 million in proceeds from the sale of the Alleghany Regional Hospital. Its vision is to be a resource partner with eligible organizations to make the Alleghany Highlands a civically engaged, prosperous region that builds upon its assets to produce opportunities for its residents.  In seeking to build a vibrant community, the foundation embraces a framework of the social determinants of health.  Areas of focus include Economic Transformation, Educational Excellence, Health & Wellness, Leadership & Civic Vitality, and Community Capacity. 

The total annual awards from The Alleghany Foundation now add up to almost $61 million. For more information, visit