“Learn a Lot in a Little”

Education First working groups and the Alleghany Highlands Regional Library are excited to introduce the “Learn a Lot in a Little” video series. Students and parents now have access to a collection of innovative videos on a variety of topics for pre-school, elementary school, middle school, and high school that each last three minutes or less. This new resource has been created in cooperation with area school systems and features local educators.

“Learn a Lot in a Little” videos cover timeless required lessons in a quick, basic format. One parent who has used the videos said she was surprised how much information is available in three minutes or less to help her remember lessons she learned 20 years ago and needs now to help her child. The goal is for the videos to aid students and parents navigating virtual learning.

The public is encouraged to visit www.ahrlib.org the Alleghany Highlands Regional Library web page, and select educational videos from the menu bar on the homepage. You will then have the opportunity to select the educational level and see all the video subjects available for viewing. Rebekah Burnette is the library staff member credited with filming and editing to make the final versions as fun and educational as possible in a format capitalizing on YouTube familiarity.

Education First and the Alleghany Highlands Regional Library anticipate adding additional videos in the near future and introducing early learning topics that can be utilized with infants and toddlers. Educators in our area continue to step outside their comfort zones as well as dedicate extra time to students. Josh Hagy, an English teacher at Alleghany High School said, “It’s nice to have a resource like this that I can trust. I know the videos have been created and curated by educators in Virginia, so they’re specific to the needs of my students. It’s also nice seeing familiar faces on the screen. These are people I know, people I work with, and people whose work I can trust to be what my students need.”

Currently, the educators at the pre-school level with Learn a Lot in a Little videos are Laurie Counts, Jennifer Crawley, Tammie Looney, Margaret Moss, and Hannah Pillow. At the elementary school level you will see Jacklyn Bray—Math, Joleen Feazell—Math, Amber McNown—Math, Molly Nicely—Math, Elisabeth Thompson—Math, Christine Arrington—Reading, Lisa Booth—Reading, Jacklyn Bray—Reading, Amanda Burns—Reading, Allison Burton—Reading and Jessica Fauber—Reading. Debbie Rusmisel presented several math videos about fractions and scientific notification for middle school. High school videos feature Courtney Horner—Art, Josh Hagy—English, Judy Hensley—Math, Derek Cantrell—Academic Technology, Lucas Conner—Academic Technology, and Melissa Tetreault—Academic Technology. An exception to the three-minute length is the high school math videos which are approximately 20 minutes and in some cases are presented as two-part videos primarily for Algebra 2 students. The academic technology videos are about Google applications and meetings.

Laurie Counts, VPI YMCA Central Learning Center, said “I feel it is necessary to keep little minds sharp. It is my hope that these videos will give parents an edge in creating meaningful activities that will help children remember things they have already learned while they were in school. I feel it is necessary for our community to have fun and easy lessons to do at home with children especially during these difficult stay-at-home times.”

Anyone with questions about viewing “Learn a Lot in a Little” videos can call the library at 540-962-3321 during regular hours M/W/F 9:30 – 5:30, T/Th 9:30 – 6:30 pm, and Saturday 9:30 – 2:30. For more information or to participate in the “Learn a Lot in a Little” series email educationfirst.alcova@gmail.com.