Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is meant by “matching funds?”

Matching fund is a term indicating that an organization will raise non-foundation funds at a defined ratio to funds contributed by the foundation.  Matching funds are typically at a rate of one dollar to one dollar but, rates may vary.  Some applicants seek matching funds to augment funding the organization has already secured from other sources.  Some applicants seek matching funds to match an application to state or federal funding entities.  Though not required, providing matching funds is highly encouraged, because there are many requests for foundation funding, and the board seeks to leverage funds from other sources as much as possible. In addition, the board reserves the right to add a “matching fund” requirement as a condition of awarding a particular grant.  The match ratio and other specifics would be included in the grant award letter.

Q. Can I apply for an individual need?

No.  The foundation does not provide funding to individuals, only to charitable purpose organizations or to public sector entities as described in the section on Eligibility Criteria.

Q. Can I submit a paper application?

No.  Applications are only accepted when submitted through the on-line system accessed through this website.  In setting up this system, the intent is to provide an easier mechanism for providing different documents an applicant already has in an electronic format and for record keeping over time.  It reduces the amount of paper an applicant must produce and simplifies the editing process.  The foundation also finds that this system assists with distributing information for review.