Educational Execllence

Community Level Outcome:  Public schools that are widely recognized for their excellence.  Students and teachers that are fully engaged and excited about working and learning together.  Pre-school programs that help parents and children build a foundation for success.  A community-wide understanding that excellence in education is essential to a vibrant local economy and healthy community.

To achieve this outcome, The Alleghany Foundation will work with parents, teachers, school divisions, school administrators, students, employers and the broader community to identify and implement best practices in our schools.

The foundation seeks to invest with institutions, such as our local public schools and community college to move our school systems forward from “Good to Great.”  Foundation funds are not intended to replace public-sector funds or provide ongoing salary for positions but are intended to provide support for ongoing development in the following:

  • Early Childhood Development;
  • K-12 Public Education through Alleghany County Public Schools and Covington City Public Schools; and,
  • Post-secondary education through local efforts and in partnership with Dabney S. Lancaster Community College

Early Childhood Development

Outcome: In keeping with the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation, every child is prepared for school, laying the foundation for school, workforce and life success.


  • Form a community coalition that focuses on the early experiences during the first five years of a child’s life, when critical long-term brain development is occurring.
  • Help develop access to resources that support parents and children before a child enters a classroom in order to build a path to success in school and life.
  • Use data to better understand and choose investments that strengthen early childhood development.

Indicators: Evidence of achieving this outcome would be as follows:

  • Healthy births;
  • Supported families;
  • Families supportive of children in pre-school and early elementary;
  • Enriching and healthy learning experiences birth to age 5;
  • School readiness;
  • Strong social and emotional skills; and,
  • Third-grade reading proficiency.

Current Investments and Strategic Partners

Alleghany Highlands YMCA

  • YMCA Early Learning Program (Childcare Financial Assistance, Dolly Parton Imagination Library, Lego Robotics Software & Hardware, and Virginia Preschool Initiative Match) – $444,159 over two years

K-12 Public Education

Outcome: Great public education in the Alleghany Highlands and graduates who are equipped to successfully transition into higher education, the 21st-century workplace, and lifelong citizenship.  (Adopted January 2014)


  • Engage with teachers, administrators and the community at large to develop approaches that improve educational outcomes.
  • Gather data about specific needs and promising practices for strengthening educational outcomes in our region.
  • Partner to provide focused professional development for implementation for promising practices.
  • Continue to monitor data for the long-term goals of building a career-ready workforce, a high graduation rate and a healthy community with an engaged citizenry.

Indicators: Evidence of achieving this outcome would be as follows:

  • Student success with academic rigor and career and technical education;
  • Strong social-emotional learning in the classroom and school climate as measured by the risk behavior survey and data collection;
  • Good physical health;
  • Growth of employers and jobs because the area offers workers highly trained in the 21st-century skills; and,
  • Attracting new residents who want to relocate here because of the quality of public schools.

Current Investments and Strategic Partners:

Joint Public School Systems (Alleghany County and Covington City Public Schools)

  • Instructional Technology Coach – $305,000
  • New Tech Space Utilization Study – $25,500
  • 2016-2017 Motivational Keynote Speaker – $7,500
    (for all staff, teachers, and administrators)

Alleghany County

  • Jackson River Technical Center Welding Lab Upgrade & Enhancements – $224,440

Garth Newel Music Center

  • Alleghany Mountain String Project – $25,000

Alleghany Highlands YMCA

  • Leadership and Civility Classes – $22,098 (over two years)

Dabney S. Lancaster Community College

  • Professional Development, Summer Teacher Institute – $20,000

Post-Secondary Strategies: (Language from 2009 Strategic Plan)

Outcome: To provide our adult population with access to an affordable, flexible, and highly effective post-secondary system so that our workers are prepared to meet the needs of the 21st-century workplace and a rapidly changing economy.


  • Set goals for post-secondary educational attainment for all segments of the regional population.  Pay attention to closing equity gaps (gender, income, and race).
  • Collaborate with Dabney S. Lancaster Community College to create world-class programs that prepare local residents for living wage work and entrepreneurial careers.
  • Implement a “Relationship management” program with local employers to develop training and service that raise worker productivity.
  • Incubate new approaches to credentialing and career pathways that create local opportunities for motivated residents to remain in the region.

Indicators: Evidence of achieving this outcome would be as follows:

  • Higher enrollments at our post-secondary institution;
  • Increased number of graduates successfully entering the workforce;
  • Increased number of highly skilled workforce (certification, degreed, and licensures programs); and,
  • Improved economic climate of our area.

Current Investments and Strategic Partners:

DSLCC Educational Foundation (over three years)

  • DSLCC VISION 2020 Increasing Educational Attainment – $1,400,000

Dabney S. Lancaster Community College

  • Increasing Educational Attainment in the Alleghany Highlands – $321,930
  • Expansion of EMS Training Program – $261,395

Alleghany Highlands Regional Library

  • Computer Learning Lab – $56,447

Radford University Foundation (over three years)

  • LewisGale Alleghany Hospital / Radford University Clinical Stipends – $105,000